We are aware of how difficult it can be to identify opportunities, relevant connections, training courses, and resources for those not directly connected to an organization. So in response, we are answering the call!

Enjoy intuitive functionality such as:

  • Applying for new enterprise application projects or jobs
  • Competing in auctions against similarly skilled professionals
  • Networking with professionals relevant to your industry or technology
  • Participating in various enterprise application training courses
  • Join communities to share & receive resources or tips & tricks
  • Exploring new technologies and opportunities of various kinds

Show Them What You’re Made Of

Gaggle’s Skills Matrix allows you to represent your skills in an easy to view and easy to edit table.

Manage your hours and invoicing

Gaggle offers a free service hub that allows you to keep track of the hours that you put into a project, describe the work completed, and invoice you client.

Network and communicate with other technology
professionals and hiring managers

Gaggle’s social first approach makes it easier to collaborate with the professionals that actually matter to your professional development!

Network and Connect
with Like Minded Professionals

By focusing on leveraging network effects, Gaggle provides a social platform for users to connect, chat, post content, hire, and share resources/knowledge.

We understand how limited your time is. Gone are the days of the “Goldie Locks” methodology, we’ve designed our platform to skip to the “just right” part of the process. Affording you efficiency & control over your enterprise application networking, learning, & hiring capabilities; getting you back to focusing on business.

Experience capabilities like:

  • Identifying enterprise application talent at various skill levels
  • Configuring auctions to identify talent that fit your need & budget
  • Tailored connection & talent recommendations that fit your technology setup
  • Exploring various application curriculum & promotions
  • Participating in virtual & in person hiring or educational events
  • Searching by precise parameters like certifications, level of experience, & application specific skills

Skills Matrix:

A high level overview that quickly and easily exhibits a candidate’s proficiencies with a given technology based on the values they populate.

Gaggle uses Skills Matrices to make the search process easier and accurately recommend jobs, communities, channel partners, talent, as well as restrict applicants from applying to roles they’re not qualified for.

Post Auctions To Make
The Most Out Of You Hiring Budget

Utilize our auction functionality to maximize your talent pool and identify/hire the most competitive candidate(s).

Schedule Interviews & Send Offers

Spend your time efficiently by booking interviews and sending offers directly through Gaggle.

Advance Search Filters
to Identify Technology

Fine tune your search for talent and Channel Partners that fit your technology needs by utilizing  Advanced Search filters.

Service Hub

Title Keep track of their hours and pay invoices directly through our Stripe powered payment capabilities:

We recognize the historically competitive nature of your craft and have cultivated an environment designed to face that challenge head on. With Gaggle you now have a dedicated space to offer licenses, software, training courses/curriculum, and com-pete for projects against other Channel partners and teams.

With Gaggle Social explore:

  • Expanding the boundaries of your team’s skill set or scale your team
  • Increasing your chances of securing potentially life long clients
  • A dedicated space for you to offer customized or exclusive promotions and packages
  • Various networking & organic marketing capabilities
  • Set up auctions to identify the best additions to your team
  • A space for you to stay up to date on enterprise application news & updates

Post Projects For Contract Engagements

Gaggle Social affords you the opportunity to identify talent through many alleys. Consider posting your short term – long term project based work for opportunities with consultants or contractors.

Compete Against Other Similarly
Skilled Professionals, Teams, & Channel Partners

Show hiring managers why you offer the best bang for their buck by bidding on auctions against other similarly skilled pros. The lower you offer in contrast to your level of skill, the higher the chances you have to develop more business.

Accepting Offers

Receive, review, and accept offers to your project based proposals directly through Gaggle.

Search and Identify
New Technology Opportunities

Customize your job search experience with options that fit your needs and goals.